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Blake Habermann


Male, 6’2, 170, Tenor, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Range: 25-35



Show                        Role                            Location

Cavalleria/Pagliacci            Clown Undst./Super            Metropolitan Opera House, NYC 4/15

Lampazo Lives                   Clown/Creator/Mime            Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, 4/15

EBOLAFERGUSON                   Principal/Writer/Choreo       Dutch Kills Loose Leaf Series, NYC 9/14

The Tempest                     Trinculo                      NY Classical Theatre, 7/13

The Pinks                       Various                       Gold No Trade, BK NY 4/13

The Proposal                    Lomov                         Warrenton Center For The Arts, VA 6/12

Infinite Bliss                  Principal/Choreographer       Dance Box, Kobe, Japan 3/12

I X The Infinite/Josephine      Principal/Choreographer       Staedelschule, Frankfurt, Germany 10/10



The Ride                        Host/French Host                The Ride Show Tour, NYC 2013-14

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade      Dancer/Character                Cirque du Soleil, NYC 11/13

Shut Up and Dance             Dancer/Choreographer/Clown      Various Venues, NYC 2012-13

DotMask                       Creator/Mime/Juggler            Various Venues, NYC 2011-13

The Trunk                    Performer/Writer                Dutch Kills: Cabaret One, Brooklyn NY 12/11

Nespresso Opening Gala          Juggler/Performer/Creator       Nespresso Store, Paris, France 8/11

Wintuk Private Luncheon         Juggler/Mime                    Madison Square Garden, NY 12/10



The Supreme Spasm            Principal/Mime                Short Film, NYC 4/14

When You’re Alone            Dancer/Choreographer            Music Video, NYC 3/14

In Your Care                    Clown/Juggler                    Music Video, NYC 8/13

The Eclipse                    Principal                        Short Film, NYC 6/13

A Spring Like Day                Writer/VO Actor                WNYZ, NYC, 4/11

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Ad        Character VO                    Silver Sound, NYC 6/10



The Experimental Theater Wing of New York University, 2002-06

Meisner Technique, Roy Hart Vocal Technique, Grotowski Plastiques,  

Contact Improvisation, Viewpoints, Ensemble Theater, Choreography and Dance Technique.


L'Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, 2007-09

Basic Acrobatics, Mime, Neutral and Character Mask, Gestural Theater, Melodrama,

Commedia dell'Arte, Bouffon,  Mystere, Tragic Chorus, Physical Comedy and Clown.


Improvisation (Movement, Theatrical), French (Fluent, Accent), Dance (Modern, Social, Hip-Hop), Juggling (Contact, Balls, Clubs) Fencing (Sport), Stage Combat (Not Certified), Mask making, Basic acrobatics, Walking globe



    The Neighborhood Playhouse, NYC, 2014-15

         Second year physical theater instructor, ensemble improvisation, character and gestural work, tragic chorus, basic Lecoq technique. Co-directed final product of Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0 in May, 2015.


    The Highland School, Warrenton VA, 2011-12    

        Summer theater intensive instruction for middle and high school students, with a focus on presence, vocal range and physically based acting.